Go from feeling 'STUCK' creating content that doesn't get results...

To attracting CLIENTS daily and being recognized as an EXPERT with a CLEAR content strategy!



The next edition of The Content Bootcamp starts May 3rd, 2021

What are the Bootcampers saying?


I was able to learn HOW to efficiently plan out my content so that my ideal audience will actually find me instead of posting and hoping for the best! Game changer!!


Before the bootcamp, my content didn't have a clear strategy... Now, everything I do online has a reason why! My new content plan is 100% tailored to my ideal client.

How would your business (and LIFE) be different if you could:


✓ Attract new clients automatically (without relying on spending on ads)

✓ Become recognized as an expert (get featured on podcasts, published, and more!)

✓ Stand out amongst your competitors

✓ Feel comfortable in front of the camera

✓ Post on social media with a purpose and get real clients, not just likes, comments, and followers

✓ Sell out your offers

The Content Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You have an online business not getting as many clients as you want
  • You’re facing the monster that keeps you asking yourself 'Is it me?’ ‘Am I doing something wrong?’ ‘Aren’t they supposed to be knocking on my door?’
  • You feel ‘stuck’ when it comes to creating content
  • You don’t see the business of your dreams growing
  • You feel unworthy because of the lack of clients
  • You know you have a solution and you know your clients are out there, you just don’t know where!

It’s time to take action and avoid:


✓ Wasting hours that turn into years posting on social media with inquiries that only stay in your DM's

✓ Fishing for clients using cold DM's, cold calls, and unwanted approaches!

✓ Relying on ads in order to find clients

✓ Waiting until you hit 100k on a social media platform to make $100k

✓ Hating the process of creating content for multiple platforms

✓ Blending in with everyone else in your industry

Are you ready to transform your business in 4 weeks?

Here’s what you get when you become a Bootcamper:

Recorded Lessons | $499 Value

Weekly video modules with assignments to bring your content strategy to life

Live Lessons | $548 Value

4 live video sessions with Laura

Chat Support | $159 Value

Unlimited accountability & mindset support via WhatsApp

Filming Lesson | $97 Value

Do’s and don’ts of filming by Gabriel

Editing Lesson | $97 Value

How to edit your videos for beginners by Gabriel

TubeBuddy | $147 Value

90 days of TubeBuddy Legend FREE

Video Script | $57 Value

Video script outline that turns viewers into your community

Email Script | $60 Value

Email script templates (from freebie to offer)

Instagram Caption Formula | $30 Value

Write Instagram Captions with a purpose

Total value $1,694

Enrollment opens April 1st

1 Payment


2 Payments



The next edition of The Content Bootcamp starts May 3rd, 2021

Why TCB is different from anything else online?

We don’t focus just on one platform, we make sure your entire content strategy is optimized including YouTube, Instagram, Email sequences, offers that actually bring in paying customers, and optimized landing & sales funnels!



Identify your barriers when creating content, along with your correct audience, and a unique offer they can't resist!


Create searchable videos for YouTube that will allow clients to find you, not the other way around.


Repurpose your long form videos correctly on more platforms! (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, Podcasts).


Build your community of loyal fans, converting viewers into paying customers on auto-pilot

You have what it takes...

I understand what it feels like to be sitting on the sidelines as everyone makes 6-figures, KNOWING you too have a solid product, just no one to sell it to because you're not 'viral' or insta-famous.

What would you say to someone who's unsure about The Content Bootcamp


Do it! It's so rewarding to learn how to purposely create your content so that your tribe will find you! You'll have to put in the work but Laura is there with you every single step of the way! She has the best tips in your live sessions, keeps you accountable so you'll take action and she doesn't hold back with her knowledge! I've taken countless courses and they're all surface level but not this one! Laura goes deep into her knowledge and shares it with you! Go for it and do it!!!


Don't think it twice! You have to invest in your business to see results. Before the Bootcamp, my content didn't have a strategy... Now everything I do has a purpose and it's actually helping me to find my ideal client.

Bootcamp Schedule

I've done it for big global brands, I've done it for mom and pop shops, and now I've also done it for my own personal brand - allowing me to help 100's of online entrepreneurs to transform their businesses too!

Let's transform your business


The next edition of The Content Bootcamp starts May 3rd, 2021

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The business of your dreams is on the other side wanting to grow your client list, become recognized as an expert, and stand out amongst your competitors - are you going to take action?


The next edition of The Content Bootcamp starts May 3rd, 2021